Money does not define wealth; relationships and opportunities do.

You’ll hear him talk about it almost every day… Building relationships is the most important of Blake’s business, and his life. “I credit all of my success to it… From the very first day I got into business, I never stopped meeting new people, buying coffees, and connecting with others through social media. People don’t invest solely in good opportunities’… They invest in good relationships and more importantly, they invest in people that they trust.”

Blake Michael Cathey is a world-renowned serial entrepreneur & venture capitalist. Put more simply, he is an opportunity finder. Blake has helped build, buy, and sell multiple successful companies, those of his own & others through mentorship programs. He is constantly speaking at new events, sharing videos every day on social media, and working to make a positive impact on everyone he meets. 

Blake believes firmly in working hard daily to not only be a better businessperson, but to make his family proud and stand firmly in his Faith. He operates solely on good business principles and understands that while it may take him a little longer to get where he wants; he will rest easy at night knowing he treats everyone with the proper respect they deserve. “There is no room in ANY industry to operate on bad business.” 

Blake’s passion is affordability, especially in the real estate market. He has recently endeavored into numerous projects and partnerships to work on bringing this passion into reality. He is excited for what the future holds and looks forward to continuing to build life-long relationships along the way. 

Chief Executive Officer – Cathey Holdings, LLC


Cathey Holdings is Blake’s personal investment company, a venture capital business that buys & sells businesses, real estate, and numerous other assets as they present themselves. 


Chief Operations Officer – Accanito Capital Group, LLC


Accanito Capital Group is a private equity group; a holding company whose goals center around driving revenue for small to medium-size businesses looking to thrive. Blake was recruited to join the executive Accanito team due to his relationships & extensive knowledge & handles the day to day operations of the company as well as fundraising for Accanito’s many funds. 


Broker/Owner – BMC Realty & Associates, LLC


BMC Realty & Associates is a Naples-based real estate company that prides itself on giving real estate agents what they really want: All their commission & a ton of qualified leads. Blake started this company after spending numerous years in the real estate industry and enjoys every second of running this business and training his agents to absolutely crush the competition. 

Blake's Current Positions

Everybody has a story.

Blake was born and raised in Naples, Florida, and has always had his heart set on business & entrepreneurship.


From what he calls “The top selling” lemonade stands, to starting his first real business (A social media management company) at the age of 14, Blake was always looking for ways to get ahead. 

Blake mentions, “While all my friends were enjoying high school & partying on the weekends, I was making the decision to better my business and was doing so all on my own.”


By the time Blake was 16, he had a full-time job in real estate, while still running his social media company, and building relationships with MANY successful business owners.


Fast-forwarding a few years later – He was locked & loaded out of high school with a ton of great relationships, a real estate license, and an extensive amount of business knowledge. 

College wasn’t in the plans for Blake, but that didn’t stop him from hitting the ground running & competing with the top income earners for his age bracket. Blake went on to become one of the top selling real estate agents for his age & built a highly successful team. 


“The knowledge and relationships led to huge opportunities for me… I’ve been able to buy & sell numerous businesses, build a national brand that has led to many speaking events, a large social media following, and bigger connections than I would’ve ever seen imaginable. Proving everyone that doubted me wrong was just a bonus”

Today, Blake is continuing to succeed in ways no one ever thought possible. He says the highlight of his career thus far has been joining forces with Accanito Capital Group.

“You spend every second of every day strategically planning how you are going to build huge relationships with big time people… One of those relationships notices your value & offers you a significant amount of equity into a new project with their multi-million-dollar company… It was at that moment that I realized all of the late nights & hard work had finally paid off, and I had something huge to show for it.”


Blake currently resides in Naples, Florida with his wife Kirsteen & enjoys traveling the world with her by his side. He thanks God every morning for the many blessings he’s been given & the relationships that he’s built.


Blake has gone above and beyond helping us find a home in Naples! He has even assisted us when looking for property out of state. I have and will continue to use Blake and recommend him to all my friends. If your looking for a honest and good realtor he is your guy!

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